One Tree At A Time – Our Commitment to The Pledge

We have joined forces with the amazing team at ‘One Tree At A Time’  to help businesses in the ski industry reduce their environmental impact.

One Tree At A Time have created a Pledge system whereby companies and individuals commit to changing the way that they operate and live, with a more sustainable future in mind.

There are three key areas of focus:

Greenhouse Gas Reduction

By analysing and understanding our carbon footprints we can find ways to cut our emissions. The pledge looks at food air miles, transport, renewable energy, wastage and recycling.

Plastic and Waste Reduction

The Pledge focuses on removing plastic from the day to day running of alpine businesses. Switch to non-plastic options, put pressure on suppliers to reduce their packaging and select brands that have less packaging.

Sustainability and Education

Plant a million trees to reduce CO2 and offset our emissions. One Tree at a Time has chosen two planting locations: the first in the French Rhône-Alpes with MyTree, and the second through Trees for the future, an organisation that plants trees for families in Africa.

Our Pledge – To retain the One Tree Gold Award

We were the first chalet company to take the pledge in the 19-20 season as part of our aim to lead the way in making a difference in our Alpine community. During the 19-20 season with the support of our incredible team we made huge progress and achieved our goal of the One Tree Gold Award.  We have now worked with other chalet companies to share our experiences and help our community of businesses make the necessary changes to reduce carbon footprints and learnt a lot about the changes that are possible. The 22-23 winter is no exception and we aim to retain our Gold Award and take more steps to further reduce our impact on the environment.

Energy – To facilitate a shift to 100% green energy

Nearly all of the lighting within our chalets has been switched to LEDs, reducing energy consumption by 75%. Chalets are fitted with smart meters to help our team and guests to monitor and understand their electricity consumption. We are facilitating a move to green energy suppliers as well as fazing out fossil fuels from our operations by removing gas-powered cooking appliances.

Waste Reduction – To reduce waste and recycle anything that cannot be reused

Spending so much time in nature, plastic waste is an absolute no for us at Fish&Pips. We offer guests a plastic-free breakfast table, use reusable delivery crates, refillable cleaning products and support the fantastic Who Gives a Crap charity, using their toilet paper in all our chalets. Our guests support us by using their towels for the duration of their stay and only requesting a mid-week change if absolutely necessary. When doing laundry, we use eco-detergents. Our chefs take steps to reduce their food waste to an absolute minimum, we also weigh our food waste every week as part of a campaign to lobby the local council for a food composting solution.

Transport – To implement a green transport policy

We know that team and guest travel is one of the biggest contributors to our carbon footprint. We offer our guests free transfers for guests travelling by train to Moutiers. As well as this we know we must move towards an electric fleet of vehicles and as such will start with our in-resort supply car this winter.

Biodiversity – To support and improve biodiversity

At Fish&Pips we not only want to protect the mountain environment, we also want to support it and encourage biodiversity. For our guests, this means we only serve locally reared meat and have removed products that compromise biodiversity like palm oil. When it comes to cleaning we opt for eco-friendly products wherever possible and are exploring alternatives to chlorine for our hot tubs.

Circularity – To introduce circular models

We are looking to introduce circular models into our operations to help us in our quest to reduce waste. Our T-shirts are sourced from a circular supplier who takes them back at the end of their life to be recycled into new T-shirts. Our coffee supplier Mr Blanchot is also helping us in our mission by reusing the packaging we get our coffee delivered in each week.

Our Full Pledge