An island nation of magic and mystery

Stretching thousands of miles between the Indian and Pacific oceans and crossing the equator, Indonesia is an archipelago of more than 17,000 islands, many of which are uninhabited. From one end to the other, the islands could not be more distinct or different. It lies in the path of the Pacific Ring of Fire, with scores of active volcanoes – with craters best seen before sunrise – and has a varied and spectacular landscape.

Dense rainforests are thick with exotic flora, fauna and even dragons, and coastlines change through the colour spectrum from black to powder white sand.

The islands are home to an extraordinary diversity of cultures and religions, as can be seen from the ancient Hindu temples of Pura Ulan in Bali, and Prambanan in Java, and the world’s largest Buddhist temple of Borobudur. Explore hilltop villages surrounded by rice fields and cities with skyscrapers next to colonial Dutch architecture, then voyage east to remote islands surrounded by coral seas. And then there’s the food. Indonesia is a culinary melting pot, with traditional dishes from all over Asia, and enrichened by myriad of native spices. It’s a land of strong customs, ceremonies and stories handed down over the centuries, where you can’t fail to be entranced.


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