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We’re all in this together

One tree at a time

We are working closely with One Tree At A Time to help us and other alpine businesses reduce their environmental impact and individuals to bring about positive change. One tree at a time helps businesses and individuals achieve this through the implementation of solutions that provide a pathway to transforming their operations and lives.

The Pledge Plant Trees



Our guests can actively help too, in so many ways. Instead of flying to the resort, consider taking the train to help reduce your carbon emissions and pollution. Our partners, Snowcarbon* have made train travel to the Alps as simple as possible, and surprisingly you’ll find that reaching the mountains doesn’t take as long as you think. No airport queues or cramped seating, just one smooth journey with scenic views. For more videos, testimonials, insider tips and guides head over to Snowcarbon’s site. If you’ve never tried travelling to the Alps by train, watch this http://youtu.be/M5OG8qj79fo 

*Please note that Snowcarbon is a third party and we are not responsible for any bookings made with them.

Protect Our Winters (POW)

We are also working very closely with POW – Protect Our Winters – a UK based charity taking positive action to address the climate crisis. It gives invaluable advice on how you can reduce your carbon footprint, at the same time as enjoying time on the mountain. From researching which ski wear brands are sustainable to donating old kit, from investing responsibly to respecting the resort’s recycling policies and encouraging others to adapt their behaviour too, it all helps. Likewise, if you have any suggestions for Fish&Pips, we would be delighted to hear from you.