A land of beauty, culture and passion

For a small country, Italy packs a punch. Home to some of the world’s most beautiful architecture, famous works of art, eternal cities and of course, gastronomy, it has held a seductive charm for visitors for centuries.

From the Alps in the north to active volcanoes in the south, with azure waters lapping the coasts to the west and east, and verdant hills, peaks and wildernesses in between, it is one of most diverse countries in the world.

Its turbulent history has forged towns and cities that have no equals. The ethereal beauty of Venice is something you never forget, whilst Rome hits every sense you have. Medieval towns with narrow cobbled streets, packed with masterpieces; sophisticated lake and seaside resorts lined with neoclassical palazzi right up to the water’s edge and white washed villages teetering on cliff edges, all make up this colourful country. Each region is distinct, from the landscape to the dialect, but what they all have in common is delicious cuisine, world class wines and a very welcoming people. Who couldn’t fall in love with a country where food and the pleasure of eating together is at its heart?