Winter is creeping up..!

We can hardly believe it is the middle of September and we have just over 2 months before we head back to the Alps for the winter.  It is even harder to believe considering the glorious sunshine, 30 degree heat and lush green hills we saw when we visited the Alps a couple of weeks ago.

If you have never been to the Alps in the summer you are missing out.  Whenever Holly and I drive from Geneva airport for our yearly off season visit and weave our way up the mountains, we always say in unison how silly we are to have let another summer pass without spending any time in Meribel.  I suppose this summer it was made all the more prominant by the glorious sunshine – something it is fair to say we haven’t seen a huge amount of here in London!  The fresh air, amazing scenery and the incredible peacefulness of Meribel in August is wonderful.  The cows are quietly grazing, the locals are out in their fields growing vegetables, hanging baskets bursting with vibrant flowers hang off every chalet and all the while in the background teams of builders are quietly fixing, building, roofing ready for the winter.

Unfortunately we had a pretty tight schedule and hadn’t left much time for the longed for snoozes in the afternoon sun.  Too much of our time was spent meeting with various people and taking photos of the chalets, which was the main focus of the trip.  We have recently invested in a mega camera which Holly masterfully commanded whilst I was prop girl – making beds, laying tables and holding lights!  I hope you like the new images.

The new images make up a very important element of our new site which we are thrilled with.  Having decided to switch our site into HTML from Flash (for boring IT reasons more than anything) we set Mike, our trusty web designer, the ardous task of creating an HTML site to look exactly like, if not better than our Flash site.  I hope you will agree he has done a fantastic job!