While the chefs are away, the hosts will play!

3rd December 2012

So, half way through training and the chefs all gathered in Val d’Isere for some quality time with Adam Byatt, our resident ‘Super Chef’! So what else were the hosts going to do in Meribel but head straight for the kitchen.


Cake making….well that was the idea, didn’t all go quite as planned!







Emily’s got a little stuck, Lucy’s ended up all over the oven and Jed’s nearly ran off the paper….

But just look at these results!!






Then it was time to get some fresh air and do a little foraging for Christmas decorations. Some needed a bit of encouraging








And we were all disappointed to discover that the LDV hadn’t opened its doors yet








So what else could we do but head home for mulled wine and some creativity








I had a great day with all the new F&P hosts and particular thanks to Nicky for being so patient while teaching me to make a paper star. I’m taking that one to Australia with me.

Happy Christmas to you all,

Judy X