The Best Fish & Chips in Aldeburgh: A quintessential slice of Suffolk

22nd June 2021

There’s nothing quite like enjoying fish and chips in Aldeburgh. Boasting some of the best in Britain, a visit to Aldeburgh is an unmissable part of any visit to Suffolk!

Whether you munch on a take-away whilst perched on the low sea wall, or choose one of the many restaurants, fish and chips in Aldeburgh are something special. Should you arrive early enough, you might even glimpse fishermen returning with their locally-caught produce to be freshly served later in the day.

Even besides the fantastic fish and chips in Aldeburgh, there are plenty of other activities to truly complete your day out!

Fish and Chips in Aldeburgh

Amongst the many things the UK is known for, our sterling fish and chips are definitely a prouder feature (looking at you, terrible weather). And if you’re searching for quality fish and chips, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better alternative than Aldeburgh.

A leisurely stroll from the hub of abundant options will even take you past the very boats on which the fish were caught. Just beyond the main high street, the buildings quickly transform into sheds representing a popular fish market.

Various restaurants and take-away shops line the wide high street, each serving local catches and deliciously thick chips. Though this might leave you spoilt for choice, we’ve carefully assembled our favourites!

Best take-away fish and chips:

Feasting upon fish and chips in Aldeburgh is a special occasion we prefer to conduct on the beach, sprawled across the shingle. On warm summer evenings, the crashing waves and distant gulls are the perfect symphony.

Aldeburgh Fish and Chips – aptly named, this establishment stands proud guard on the south end of the high street. Regularly voted as one of the best in the country, Aldeburgh Fish and Chips have consistently proved a recurrent fan favourite!

The Golden Galleon – located further along the high street and in view of the sea, the Golden Galleon is easily distinguishable by its iconic mermaid promenade. Under the same ownership as Aldeburgh Fish and Chips, these are two titans of take-away.

Fish and Chip Restaurants in Aldeburgh

Perhaps you’d prefer the more intimate touches of a restaurant to accompany your fish and chips in Aldeburgh? You’re in luck. Enjoy this tasty meal in the stylish comfort of the many restaurants available at your disposal.

The Upper Deck – interestingly, it’s little known the Golden Galleon has a second floor, hosting a cosy restaurant. Climb the rigging (actually regular stairs, I’m afraid) to dine inside, overlooking the high street bustle.

The Lighthouse – a wonderful restaurant towards the north of the high street serving wonderful fish and chips. Enter for a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, alongside an ever-changing menu to reflect seasonal bests.

The Regatta – An upmarket restaurant offering an excellent variety of seafoods, including the classic fish and chips. After being captained by new ownership last summer, their tradition of warm service and good food has been continued.

Need to know:

It’s no secret Aldeburgh’s fish and chips are some of the best in the country. Subsequently, it might be difficult to avoid the queues unless you plan in advance. During the high season, and surrounding Aldeburgh Carnival in August, take-aways especially can become busy. Whenever you visit, prepare by either booking a table beforehand or arriving early.

Additionally, since most of the fish has been freshly sourced and delivered that same day, don’t be overly surprised if a small number of bones remain.

Earn your fish and chips in Aldeburgh

Looking to make those fish and chips more satisfying? Take on one of the many enjoyable walks around Aldeburgh, inhaling the brisk sea air and experiencing the wild and bracing winds.

Many routes start from the main high street, including my two personal favourites. If you’re not staying locally, a number of car parks are available adjacent to the beach, sandwiched between the sea and main road.

It’s possible to stroll either on the beach, or for a more comfortable trek the wide footpath guarded by the sea wall. Half a mile north (turn left if facing the beach) from the high street is the famous Scallop Shell of Aldeburgh. A tribute to composer Benjamin Britten, this sculpture makes for an interesting waypoint and fun climbing frame for children!

Heading in the opposite direction from the high street (south) for a mile will reach the Martello Tower. This circular fort was construction from over one million bricks in response to threats of invasion from Napoleon. Both these attractions also have free car parks situated within one hundred meters.

If you’re feeling especially brave, why not take a dip in the sea? The waves can often be rough and taking the plunge requires nerves of steel, but the fresh sting of salt on your skin as you warm up afterwards is the ultimate reward!

Other activities in Aldeburgh

Exploring Aldeburgh as a day trip is one of the most fulfilling activities when in Suffolk. There’s lots to see and do besides the fantastic fish and chips.

Fishers Gin Distillery: This family-run operation is located directly on the Aldeburgh coast, imbuing in every bottle the wild spirit of the sea. Tasting tours are available, which includes a guided insight into the distillery, a unique Botanical tea making experience, and a virtual tour of the wonderful River Alde.

Uncover history: Aldeburgh grew in historical significance during the 16th Century, remembered by Aldeburgh Museum which is housed in the Tudor-era Moot Hall. It was here two of explorer Sir Francis Drake’s ships were constructed. In addition to the Martello Tower, the walk there also passes signs memorialising what used to be the village of Slaughden, before it was recently claimed by the sea.

High street shopping: The wide pavements and road facilitate the wandering of large crowds, making Aldeburgh perfect for window shopping and casual browsing. A number of major clothing outfitters and other cafes make their home, cuddled together with several independent shops.

Boating lakes: Close to the sea, a small boating lake allows young children to play with their naval crafts on water more placid than the onlooking ocean. Races are occasionally also organised here. A larger lake in the neighbouring Thorpness also allows for small rowing boats to be rented on the water. Be warned neither permits swimming!

South Lookout Exhibition: Once shrouded in wisps of controversy and resident dissatisfaction, art fans might appreciate the ‘Angel of the East’. An installation involving repurposed Antony Gormley sculptures now invites the public to make their own additions, whilst the South Lookout is developing as a local art house.

Aldeburgh Carnival and Festival: Each June, the award-winning Aldeburgh Festival celebrates classical music centred around the Snape Malting Concert Hall. The Aldeburgh Carnival also sees an explosion of life in August, celebrating English tradition through an enormous parade, fireworks, Punch and Judy shows, a 10k run, and many more games with brilliant displays of food and drinks!

Make time for Fish and Chips in Aldeburgh

When planning your time in Suffolk, Aldeburgh is not to be missed. This wonderful coastal village is brimming with history and fun, complete with an expansive beach that invites relaxation. From any of our stylish hideaways in Suffolk, Aldeburgh is a perfect day trip, offering incredible fish and chips.

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Photo Credit: @the_Suffolk_Coast

Written By: Tom Orr (Marketing Assistant)