Stick this in your pipe and smoke it Devon…

17th December 2010

We woke up to a very snowy Les Allues this morning, around a foot has fallen and continues to fall – just a little more than the dusting in Devon!

I can only begin to imagine what it’s like up top.  In fact I don’t have to imagine, I know it’s incredible – I called Kevin about an hour ago and all I could hear down the phone was him and the gang whooping and yelling with excitement. They were skiing thigh deep powder under the Dent du Burgin, the first proper powder of the winter and not a soul around to have to share it with.  So fantastic to hear them all so happy, this is what we’re here for after all.  I think we’ll have some very buzzy but very weary team members in the chalets this evening. 

I am officially taking tomorrow morning off and heading up for first lifts.  It’s due to be a blue bird tomorrow and there’s no way I’m missing it with this snow.  There are definitely some perks of owning a chalet company!

Holly x