Snow Movement Retreats

Condition your body to ski at your peak…

If you’re looking for a ski week to focus on feeling great in your body, strengthen for skiing and still enjoy the indulgence of a beautiful chalet experience, this is for you!

Pilates and Yoga are movement practises that seem pretty unrelated to snow sports. For many, they conjure the image of someone making an impossible body shape. For others they trigger the thought ‘but I can’t even touch my toes!’ – and we are with you on that!

But for skiers and boarders, an aligned body with balanced muscle groups can be game changing. And note – this doesn’t mean flexible or stretchy. Most skiers have a stronger turning side; most boarders prefer heel or toe-side turn, but why?

Muscle dominance (whether a naturally dominant side, or learned incorrect muscle patterns) means we each rely on certain, unique areas in our bodies to move. In being overused, tightness develops in dominant areas, increasing strength but restricting movement range. Consider where you feel tight day to day and where you ache after skiing/boarding. These are clues to your own muscle patterns. With one muscle area tight and hard-worked, the opposing muscle area often weakens and this imbalance creates the opportunity for injury.

Pilates and Yoga are increasingly sought in the mountains as these practises not only prevent injury, but also improve strength, form, precision and confidence on piste.


A bit about Jenna…

Jenna Lamorna is a certified Pilates instructor and movement lover who is partnering with Fish & Pips this winter to host two exclusive Snow Movement Retreats. Jenna’s highly active upbringing led her to injury and then to Pilates and Yoga to realign and continue her active lifestyle injury free. She works with athletes across a number of high intensity sports (including ski racing), working to both to rehabilitate and maximise performance.


The retreat…

Hosted in stunning Chalet Cerf Rouge, the retreat weeks will by no means be a detox, but a luxury movement and body retreat. You will receive the full Fish&Pips catered experience but with a healthy twist.

There will be two classes daily focusing on movement for snow sports, ensuring you head out to the slopes activated and then release your body before resting/socialising at night. You will also have plenty of time to relax your muscles in the hot tub or steam room at the end of the day.

In addition,  each guest will also receive a private session with Jenna, to take a deep dive into their own body and assess areas to work on throughout week.



If this week sounds like your idea of heaven – skiing, sunshine, snow, healthy food, pilates, yoga, luxury chalet, French wines, professional chef, experienced host and new found friendships then bookings can be made in twos for twin or double rooms. Solo travellers are very welcome and Jenna can pair you into a twin room share.


Winter week – 26 Jan to 2 Feb 2020
Spring week – 22 to 29 March 2020


£1,695 per person based on two people sharing


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