Recipe of the Week: Ash’s Crispy Sole with Crayfish Sauce

If you are a fish fan then you will love this dish created by the lovely Ash, chef in Santons Isere in Val d’Isere. Why don’t you get in the kitchen this week and give this a go . . . . .

Crispy Sole with a crayfish sauce

To feed 4


4 x fillets of sole

4 x slices of white bread

Crayfish tails

Splash white wine

Splash white wine vinegar

4 x shallots






1.       Preheat the oven at 180 degrees

2.      De bone the fish

3.      Roll the bread until it is thin, approximately 3mm

4.      Lay the fish onto the bread and cut to size

5.      Brush the bread with melted butter, then on a medium heat pan fry until golden

6.      Place on grease proof paper on a baking tray, bread side down, and bake for 4 minutes

7.      Sweat the shallots and thyme and add the vinegar

8.      Cube the butter and whisk into the hot pan – continue whisking

9.     Add the crayfish tails and cucumber

10.   Pour the sauce over the fish