Meribel Team Ski

17th January 2012

The Fish&Pips Meribel team got up the mountain today in the glorious (although rather chilly) sunshine to enjoy a team ski and picnic. All armed with a very varied selection of food the F&P Meribel gang hopped on the golf chair and up the hill for a picnic at the top of the Col de la Loze. You would think that at F&P we get sick of eating… you would be wrong. There was silence as the feeding frenzy took place – sushi, chicken, pasta salad, Guinness, hot chocolate, muffins, pasties (coutesy of Driver Dan from Cornwall), tzatziki, and much more… We even had a prize draw for a parapenting flight from the top of the mountain – won by Dan to finish off the lunch! Happy days in the Meribel team!!