Marmalade Seasonnaires Course

28th January 2011

There are lots of ski schools who run seasonnaire courses over the winter for anyone who wants to improve their skiing and try some more challenging stuff.  I picked the Marmalade course run by the lovely Nick Fletcher and Derek Chandler over the course of last week.  Monday afternoon came around all of the keen Fish & Pippers (as we are known around these parts) and others from around Meribel showed up and  off we went in search of snow to ski on and eager to learn anything possible!  The conditions: Hard packed, icy slopes and rather crusty off-piste but still those boys delivered and managed to find some of the best skiing around with some good tips thrown in as well! Four days in one week was certainly a challenge and by the end of the week my legs were killing me.  We had covered all sorts from massive carving turns, to short turns, to skiing in the bumps and for the first time in years I felt like I made some progress.  With a focus on kicking the bad habits and just having some fun the Marmalade lessons were some of the best I’ve had in years!  Thanks guys – particularly to Nick and Greg for the ace teaching and endless patience!!  Here are some photos of our week in ski school


Clare x