Just a little portion of drama for the launch of ‘A Portion of Fish&Pips’

16th November 2009

Thursday finally saw the launch of our first cookbook ‘A Portion of Fish&Pips, The Cookbook’ at Soho’s Player bar.  It wasn’t exactly all plain sailing to the launch.  Both Holly and I aged a little last week when blood pressures were sent sky high as the books were inpounded at customs in Dover – the driver of the vehicle from the printers in Lithuania had been caught with contraband!  After many an hour on the phone, the books finally arrived at 1pm on Thursday, 5 hours before the launch party, cutting it a little finer than planned!

The launch went fantastically and thank you to all those who came to support us on this venture – and happy cooking to the proud new owners of ‘A Portion of Fish&Pips’!


And from Neil English of the Mail on Sunday…

They came in legions,

From all the regions,

Oh my the girls’ did glow,

And boy, prosecco did flow

But the girls’ done well,

Their ‘Portion…’ did sell,

Daddies rightly proud,

All plaudits were loud,

A top team me thinks,

With no major kinks

My head’s a bit sore,

But that occasion no chore,

A top night for sure,

May there be many more,

But thanks is due for now,

Ladies, please take a bow!