It maybe Springtime in resort……..

Spring is definitely here and we are all loving the warm weather and the chance to work on our sun tans. Here in the ski resort in Val d’Isere it means the end of certain activities such as Husky Dog Sledging, Ice Carting and Ice Skating, but it also means we can all walk around without the fear of falling over everytime we step outside.


Walking on water, this used to be the ice skating rink!

However, up on the mountain it is a whole different story. Today we headed up to the Grand Pre and wow! It was snowing.


The snow was amazing, even though the visability was somewhat restricting. We skied the Club des Sports, fell down on the Border Cross and then the sun came out and we had a picnic at the top.



Still fantastic conditions for this time of the season and with only three weeks left we are all going to make the most of them.

Judy X