17th March 2010

Well, I’ve been back nearly 10 days now and just about getting used to pistes and chairlifts again!  What an amazing trip.  I cannot even begin to describe it and I don’t want to rub it in too much, so I’ll summarise and put up just a ‘few’ photos instead.

Even the plane journey over there was an experience in itself with; phenomenal aerial views of Greenland’s glaciers and icebergs; 3 films back to back; red wine and sitting still for 9 hours – a rare luxury!  We stayed the first night in the airport hotel which did the job nicely and I can honestly say had the most comfortable beds I have ever slept in.  Up early the next morning for breakfast when the eating bonaza began.  I thought chalet eating was monstrous enough, but this was something else! Not only was their an enormous breakfast spread with 3 types of porridge, variety of breads, cooked goodies etc but there was heli-snacks, lunch on the mountain of soup, 3 different sarnies, homemade cookies etc, tea-goodies instead of afternoon tea which would consist of treats like chilli or ribs, and finally followed by a 3 course meal about 2hrs later!  Puts us Alpine eaters to shame.

After breakfast we set off on our 7 hour coach journey to Valemont.  7hrs zoomed on by with incredible scenery along the way, from the Calgary plains to the glaciers of the Rocky’s and wildlife at every turning.  We arrived excitedly at the heli-pad and waited our turn.  I got the front seat aclaiming nervous flyer syndrome – seemed to work!  A 15 minute flight through along the valley of the Canoe River and we touched down at Cariboos Lodge!  Huge smiles all round.  Our bags were taken to our rooms, we were introduced the extremely friendly and professional team, got kitted up, settled in and had a good nose around. 

The whole operation was seamless and coming from F&P I could appreciate just how much work they must put into something like this whilst making it look so easy.  But not only were they running a chalet-hotel to an excepional level, but they were also providing safe and incredible heli-skiing all day to 44 guests. To be looked after, fed, watered, have beds made for you, rooms cleaned was such a treat and I revelled in every second of it.

Our days at the lodge went something a little like this…

0700 – awoken by cow bell ringing in corridors

0730 – yoga and stretches

0800 – breakfast

0900 – 4 or 5 heli-drops to untracked, glorious and never-ending runs

1400 – 4 more heli-drops to untracked, glorious and never-ending runs

1700 – tea goodies, apres drink at bar or by fire, hot tub, steam room, sauna and maybe a massage

1900 – 3 course meal.  Delicious yet really informal, mixing tables, sitting with the CMH team and interesting array of guests

2000 – tequilla

The skiing was out of this world and like nothing I’ve seen or experienced ever before.  I think I, and the rest of our international ski team, ‘whooped’ and laughed all day everyday.  The trip would not have been the same without our fantastic Spanish and Sweedish heli buddies, the highly experienced and entertaining guides in who’s hands we felt very safe, and of course all the team at CMH www.canadianmountainholidays.com.  Thank you all.

Without shadow of a doubt a trip of a life time.Enough said, I think I’ll let the photos do the talking.