Has Winter Arrived Early?

10th October 2011

We are all hoping for a bumper snow season this year, but we need the snow when the lifts are open!!  Meribel woke up to a snow covered valley on Sunday morning this weekend.  What does this mean? I have read rumours of the sun’s radiation diminishing, the great yellow gentians (alpine flowers) having been particularly tall this year – predicting a harsh winter ahead, Northern hemisphere winters following the trends of the Southern hemisphere – which have been rather snowy I hear.  Are these all old wives tales? Based on real science?  Who really knows?  All I know is that the valley looked stunning when the sun came out, reminding me of why we all love this place so much. Bring on more snow and first lifts on December 3rd! Here are some pictures of our Meribel Chalets shining in the sunshine and snow…

Clare x