Happy Australia Day

The 26th January is a popular day in Meribel largely because of the large numbers of Aussies that flock to the alps to work in the winter time, and their many supporters / comrades around the village.  Yesterday was no exception – with the day off, Kevin and Rhys (not aussie himself but he could have fooled us yesterday!) took it upon themselves to celebrate in style!  Rhys started the day off with serving breakfast to his australian guests in a short wet suit – precisely the sight we all want to behold at 8am (see photo evidence)!  They then met up at the LDV for merriment, jager bombs, a game of centurian, and I also believe a game of cricket was played in the snow by the Village roundabout.  A true testament to the aussie style – everywhere in boardies and thongs (or a wetsuit).

Happy Australia Day team!