The summer is when we get to do one of the things we like best, and that’s eating as much Asian food as physically possible before being deprived of it in Meribel for 6 months!

I thought I’d share my good foodie finds this summer with you – it’s something I’m utterly obsessed with, scouring the country for little gems of restaurants.   Unfortunately I haven’t managed enough of it, but have 2 months left to make up for it before heading back to the land of cheese and bread.

Last night I had supper with one of my dearest buddies, Hannah.  We were looking for something Asian, preferably Japanese, something that doesn’t break the bank, that we can take our time over and gossiping at the same time.  She’d always raved about this off the beaten track Japanese place in Brixton, so we decided to give that a whirl. This place was full to the brim – a queue to get a table is always a good sign and this   It’s obviously extremely popular with locals wanting something cheap, cheerful and yummy. We waited 5 minutes or so and were then sat at a long table and handed menus.

Being Hannah and I, and extremely hungry as it was late, we got totally carried away and ordered far too much but it was so yummy and good value that we couldn’t let any of it go to waste.  We devoured – raw juice, edamame beans, prawn dumpling fried and chicken dumplings steamed (dumpling are a personal favourite), sashimi and sushi mixed Bento box and a Teriyaki Bento box. Mmm mmm!

If you’re ever passing and fancy a spot of Japanese by or live in Brixton  and are yet to try Fujiyama, then I suggest you pay it a visit. It’s not in the same category as the Zumas of this world, but is about 1/10th of the price!  It also puts the 60Euro sushi platter from Chalet des Pierres in Courchevel to shame!

5-7 Vining Street
London SW9 8QA