F&P chefs do workshop with award winning chef Adam Byatt of Trinity

8th December 2010

This week we have been thrilled to have had award winning chef Adam Byatt of Trinity, Clapham who is a regular on BBC’s Saturday Kitchen staying with us in Val d’Isere.

Adam and family stayed for a few days of skiing interspersed with ‘shop talk’.  With a demonstration of  a delicious dinner in Chalet Killy (helped by new F&P chef Greig who worked at Trinity for Adam for 4 years and has come to F&P for a winter in Val d’Isere) and a fantastic workshop and brain storming session with the F&P chefs – everyone here is fired up and ready to go.  As the less foody of the partnership I am always fascinated to sit in the back and listen to Holly, Adam and all our chefs talk food – each with their own particular style and everyone with the most amazing enthusiasm for something that is so clearly such a passion.

A calorie filled week to say the least….