First ski of the season

Saturday saw the first day of the season and what a first weekend it was!  We had decided that as the forecast for Saturday was dull and snowy, Fish and Pips would work on Saturday so that when Sunday dawned with the most beautiful blue sky, we were all able to take the day off and hit the slopes!

The team met at 9am at the Chaudanne and split into different levels for refresher lessons courtesy of Parallel Lines.  When we reconvened at lunchtime you couldn’t wipe the smiles off everyone’s faces.  We spent the morning skiing fresh tracks just by the piste, the snow cover is amazing.  There is a better base than last year as the snow came a few weeks earlier, so we are set for an excellent season.

The snow is falling again today and has been all night.   The latest snow depths do not take into account the foot we have had over night.

Upper slopes: 130cm – Lower slopes: 70cm