Why Visit the UK?

The UK is steeped in history

Marvel at a diverse range of historic landmarks and sites. The UK has witnessed many cultures all of which have influenced how the country has been forged. You do not have far to wander before bumping into something awe inspiring.

The scenery is some of the best in the world

The coastlines have gorgeous beaches that seem to stretch on for miles, there are specular cliffs, majestic hills and mountains, rolling green countryside, enchanting forests, exquisite lakes, wild heaths the gorgeous Scottish highlands, astounding lochs and even the cities have stunning scenery of their own with historical and grand buildings.

It’s amazing whatever the seas

Whilst the UK weather has a bit of a bad reputation the seasons are each amazing in their own right. Think daffodils blooming in Spring, picnics in the countryside or beach in Summer, stunning red and orange forests in Autumn and fresh frosty mornings in the Winter snuggled up to a roaring log fire.

Delicious locally sourced and produced menus

Cuisine in the UK has changed enormously over the past 10 years to become a centre of fine dining. We have chosen places where food is at the forefront of their offering. A visit to the local pub is a must do to sample their Sunday Roast.

The culture

Many areas of the UK have vibrant art, music and theatrical scenes. It is where Shakespeare originated from after all.

The bustling and vibrant cities

Hosting internationally renowned events such as the Edinburgh Fringe festivals, with gorgeous green parks, a pioneering music scene, heritage galore and some of the best shopping in the world.