Why Visit Norway ?


We couldn’t not mention these! With over 1,000 in the country, these mighty glacial phenomena cut deep into the interior, with some over 200km long and hundreds of metres deep. Many are UNESCO world heritage sites for their stunning beauty. Take the Bergen to Flåm railway for a spectacular fjord panorama.





The natural landscape in Norway lends itself perfectly to sea kayaking, climbing and hiking, skiing, cycling and fishing – if you love the outdoors, Norway has everything.





Make sure you have a good camera. Whale watching – in the summer months sperm whales and often pilot whales, minke whales, humpbacks and orca can be seen in the waters. On land, in the Dovrefjell mountains, you’ll find the very rare musk oxen, or how about a moose safari? And in the far north, there are polar bears and walruses. The birdwatching is also a highlight.


Postcard perfect cities

From glittering Oslo, to the capital of the Arctic – Tromso, and the colourful Bergen, Norway’s cities have a vibrant food scene, exceptional museums and galleries and are the perfect bases for your Nordic travels.



Northern Lights

For one of the greatest shows on earth, head for the dark skies of Arctic Norway. From late August to April, if the conditions are right, you’ll witness the aurora borealis in its full glory.





Norway is undergoing a food revolution – preserving traditional farming methods and celebrating its rich resources on land and in the sea.