Why Visit Denmark?


(pronounced hoo-ga) Denmark consistently tops the charts for the world’s happiest nation. Life runs at a more relaxed pace here – peace, tranquillity and simplicity all make up that cosy contentment the Danes have created their very own word for.


In recent years, Denmark has become a “gastro-nation” –  renown for its world class restaurants, with Copenhagen confirmed as a dining destination. The flagship Noma, is closely followed by Geranium, both with three Michelin stars, and a long and impressive list hot on their tail. At the other end of the scale, make sure you try Smorbrod – delicious open sandwiches on rye bread.


The Danes are leaving their mark on innovative design and architecture. Make sure you spare some time to visit one of their many galleries and museums.




Denmark is sparklingly clean – the air is fresh, the cities are immaculately tidy and the waterways are clear. The Danes take the environment very seriously.




The highest point in Demark in just 171 metres, making it the ideal place to get around by on a bike. Couple this with excellent infrastructure designed for two wheels, it’s no surprise cycling is a preferred mode of transport.



Copenhagen is a mecca for shopping. From leading Danish design labels to vintage and second-hand stores, you’re bound to find some unique pieces.