Why Visit Turks and Caicos?

Picture perfection

With a coral white sandy ocean floor, creating pure turquoise waters, around 100 plus islands and cays, the colours of the Turks and Caicos are found nowhere else.






The 12 mile Grace Bay Beach often tops the list of the world’s best beaches, but the choice is infinite. From the secluded Leeward Beach to the wild Mudjin Harbour, from the sheltered Half Moon Bay to Governor’s Beach, they’re the next best thing to paradise.






The pristine waters around the archipelago contain a thriving and protected coral reef ecosystem, and dramatic walls and wrecks. The deep passages between the islands are a highway for migrating fish, rays, dolphins and humpback whales.






Dig deep enough and you’ll discover the history of this archipelago. With its rich African, Caribbean and British roots, the islands are littered with old plantation ruins, windmills and acres of salt ponds.






The islanders have their own sounds. A ripsaw is a regular saw, usually accompanied by drums and an accordion, can often be heard of an evening.  Head to the Island Fish Fry in Provo on a Thursday night for dinner and dancing.






 The islands are becoming known as a sophisticated food destination, with seafood naturally topping the menus. Conch is the quintessential local food, and it comes in a myriad of ways.