Why Visit The Grenadines?


Lying in the path of the trade winds, the Grenadines boast some of the best sailing in the Caribbean. Idyllic anchorages in empty bays with white powdery beaches and crystal clear waters – often only accessible by boat – make this a yachting paradise.



Island hopping

Either by yacht or on the extensive network of ferries between the islands, you’ll get a flavour of the individual islands and adventure along the way. And you’re sure to spot turtles and dolphins between each one.




Being volcanic, most of St Vincent’s sand is black, whilst those in the rest of the Grenadines are white and powdery. Just add some cerulean waters lapping on the shore, choose from secluded or one with a string of beach bars, and you have the recipe for some near perfect places to spend a day or two.




Recognised as one of the best places in the Caribbean for scuba diving and snorkeling due to the exceptional coral and visibility, the waters of the Grenadines are a habitat for a wide range of marine life.




The islands like a party. Throughout the Grenadines you’re sure to come across a carnival, a regatta or a music festival, whatever time of year you happen to visit.