Why Visit Grenada?


Take your pick! Grenada has some of the most magical beaches in the Caribbean. Soft white sand and calm waters with snorkelling just off the shore in some places, you could pick a different one for each day of your stay. In the south, you’ll find long stretches of sheltered bays; to the west, black sand, whilst the northern beaches enjoy the Atlantic surf. And wherever you go, be sure to stop at a beach shack for the catch of the day.


The island is the shipwreck capital of the Caribbean, including the largest in the region – the Bianca C, and around fifty easily accessible dive sites. It is also home to the world’s first underwater sculpture park, where a number of artists have laid statues and other haunting work.



Grenada is full of trails throughout its lush green interior. Take swimmers, as you’ll come across plenty of waterfalls and clear pools for a dip. If you venture into the Etang National Park, keep an eye out for some of the island’s unusual wildlife and varied bird population.



White, dark, blended and spiced, with many still made using the original water wheels. Grenada claims to make the best in the Caribbean, so a rum tour should definitely be on your itinerary.




To get under the skin of this island, follow the Spice Trail and learn about its past as a centre of the exotic trade, and visit plantations and processing cooperatives.




The island is home to an exceptional biodiversity on land and in the water. Much of the interior and the surrounding reefs are protected, giving all kinds of endangered species a safe haven. Levera Beach is home to the largest Leatherback turtle nesting population, and the rainforests are full of Mona monkeys, opossum and armadillos.