Why Visit Antigua?


It is the epitome of paradise with sugary sandy beaches, coral reefs, aquamarine waters, sunshine and a warm, calm Caribbean sea.





There is a beach for every day of the year, that is 365 beautiful beaches!




The climate

Antigua lies close to the equator meaning there is hardly any seasonal variations, low average rainfall and relatively lower humidity levels. That means its weather and climate is one of the most admired in the Caribbean.



Incredible food from beachside shacks to water edge restaurants serving up authentic Caribbean food as well as some of the best seafood you will ever taste.




The experiences and activities you can choose from an adventure packed-trip or a laid back, relaxing holiday. You can sail around Antigua in a day, go hiking, biking, horse-riding, or zip-lining through the Antigua rainforest, go snorkelling, enjoy watersports galore or go bird watching! A visit to Devil’s Bridge is also a must.

The music

Take a trip to Shirley Heights for their Sunset Party. Here the rum flows, the BBQ sizzles and there is steel drum and reggae.





It is rich in history – visit Nelson’s Dockyard National Park a UNESCO-listed World Heritage site to take you back to Antigua’s naval past. Or head to Fort George, Fort Charlotte, Dow’s Hill, Shirely Heights and many more historical sites on this beautiful island.


Don’t forget Barbuda

The sister island to Antigua, just a 2 hour ferry ride away. It was badly affected by hurricane Irma in 2017. It may be one of the best kept ecological secrets in the West Indies, with rugged scenery, beautiful beaches, (one at least 12 miles long), lagoons and abundant wildlife.