Why Visit Abu Dhabi?


Some of the world’s most renowned architects have left their indelible mark on the capital of the UAE. From Foster to Gehry and Zaha Hadid – responsible for the dramatic cantilevered bridge connecting the city to the southern shores – the skyline is an awe inspiring and photogenic spectacle.

Culture, events & attractions

The Louvre has a gallery in the emirate, and the Guggenheim has plans for one too. And at any one time, you’ll have a choice of a long list of sporting events and music concerts with global names. Add to that the world’s largest indoor theme park, and you won’t be short of things to see and visit.


Abu Dhabi is home to a varied landscape and a surprising amount of wildlife. From deserts to lush oases, to mangroves and island archipelagos with stunning white sand beaches, and nature reserves, there’s much to explore. There are 19 protected areas, including the largest UNESCO marine biosphere in the region, and on Sir Ban Yas Island, there’s a conservation haven with giraffes, cheetahs and oryx.

Water sports

As an archipelago of over 200 islands, Abu Dhabi has remarkable marine life, where diving and snorkelling is richly rewarded. Above water, the coastline is ideal for kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing, kite surfing and waterskiing.



The region is legendary for its welcoming of guests and visitors. As somewhere that has been a meeting place of diverse cultures for millenia, it’s a cosmopolitan melting pot, where you’re greeted with the warmest of smiles, a traditional coffee and a plate of juicy dates.


You’re pretty much guaranteed year round sunshine, where the temperature in the winter months lends itself perfectly to desert adventures, water sports and spending a very relaxing time on one of the many pristine beaches that line the Arabian Gulf.