Why Visit Seychelles?


Surely one of the best reasons to visit the Seychelles. Strips of white powdery sand, fringed by coco de mer palms and lapped by crystal clear aquamarine waters – they are simply unmatched anywhere else.


Island hopping

With so many extraordinarily perfect islands from which to choose, it makes total sense to visit more than one. Each island is unique – from Mahé with its bustling capital, to the castaway style smaller private islands, where oxcarts are used for transport.



A delicious Creole style of cooking has evolved over the years, blending African, Arabian and Indian recipes, with islands having their own local specialities. And of course, fresh fish is always on the menu.


Flora & fauna

The Seychelles has one of the richest and most diverse plant and animal life in the whole of the Indian Ocean. Rare orchids, the indigenous coco de mer, exquisitely colourful birdlife, turtles and tortoises – all of which the Seychellois avidly protect.


Aldabra giant tortoises

Endemic to the Aldabra Atoll (the second largest coral atoll in the world), these mighty creatures can live to well over a hundred years old. There are thought to be around 100,000 in this protected environment.