Why Visit Mainland Spain?


A fusion of cultures has imprinted itself on the food. Michelin star restaurants; beach bars serving freshly caught seafood; tapas with the locals – food is a way of life here.




A cultural centre with a strong and long-standing artistic heritage, you’ll find museums and exhibitions dedicated to its most famed artists, including Joan Miró, Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso.



Its architecture

You’ll find Spain’s awe-inspiring architecture no matter where you go; from the prehistoric monuments found in Menorca to the Gothic cathedrals and castles, they play a key part in Spain’s culture and landscape. 



The stunning beaches

A major beach destination with coasts on both the Atlantic and Mediterranean, the variety of beaches range from the vibrant beaches of Ibiza to the more laid back stretches of sand in Mallorca and family-friendly beaches in the Canary Islands.



Marine life

The waters around the Canaries offer almost perfect conditions for a large number of sea mammals. Dolphins can be seen all year round, and orca and blue whales come here to breed.