Why Visit Cyprus?


An all year round holiday destination with incredible weather.





Cypriot hospitality – the island is known for being home to some of the world’s friendliest and most hospitable people.





The food is delightful – think freshly caught seafood, mezze, olives, kebabs and delicious pastries.





Overflowing with unique history and culture. Cyprus has one of the oldest histories dating as far back as 1100 BC. The island is divided into the northern Turkish side and southern Greek side contributing to its rich cultural heritage.



The beautiful beaches have been awarded the cleanest in Europe and are a true slice of paradise with crystal clear waters and sun-soaked stretches of sand.




A surplus of outside activities – at the coast there is every water sport that you could wish for including diving, whilst inland you can hike, bike and even ski.




Peaceful and laidback with long sunny days in a stress-free atmosphere and beautiful surroundings.




It is quirky

With its own unique species of sheep.