Why Visit Zambia?


Nearly a third of the country is covered by either national parks or game reserves, containing some of the most abundant wildlife in the entire continent. South Luangwa National Park boasts a high leopard population and the fertile plains of Kafue National Park are home to an astonishing intensity of animals and birdlife.

Walking safaris

Surely one of the most authentic and thrilling ways to get up close to wildlife. Trekking through the bush with expert guides and the chance of happening upon a herd of elephant or a pride of lions and reliving the experience around a campfire that evening – it’s something you’ll never forget.


The Zambezi

Meaning “great river” and the fourth largest in Africa is the lifeblood of this vast country, and where you’ll find a large concentration of game. Take a canoe with a guide, ride the rapids or fish the waters.



Victoria Falls

One of seven natural wonders of the world, known locally as the “smoke that thunders”, the spectacular falls are best seen from the Zambian side. The waters of the Zambezi drop dramatically over the edge of the gorge, over a mile wide, filling the air with an extraordinary roar, spray and rainbows. See it from the air in a helicopter; walk along the banks, swim in Devil’s Pool, or raft through the raging waters.