Christmas in Lapland – a 3 night adventure

A 3 night arctic Santa package in Finnish Lapland.

Snowy Lapland is made for unforgettable adventures. Our Arctic Santa package is family friendly and a perfect way to get in the holiday spirit. Enjoy the magic of snow-covered Lapland through fun winter activities.

What’s included (from €1290 per person):

  • accommodation for three nights
  • full board (from the dinner upon arrival until the breakfast on departure day)
  • return airport transfers (Ivalo Airport)
  • winter clothing rental
  • activities mentioned in the program below

where you'll stay - MUOTKO WILDERNESS LODGE

Muotka is a family run retreat with all the bells and whistles. It sits in splendid isolation in the Taiga Forest, not far from the Russian border and a stone’s throw from the Urho Kekkonen National Park. Reindeer roam the pine forests, the Northern Lights brighten the winter nights, and the summers bathe in 24 hours of sunshine.

Upon arrival you will receive your detailed program schedule for the following 2 days, all which take place in and around the Muotka Wilderness Lodge

Experiences and activities

Over an action packed days you will experience all of the following activities….

Activity 1: Family Husky Safari

You’ll start off with some lessons and tips on how to handle the sled before heading out for the husky safari, where the huskies will pull your sled through the beautiful Finnish winter scenery.
The dogs’ excitement is infectious and as the animals fall silent on the trail, you will realize that this is the best way to see Lapland. All of the husky safaris include full instruction and are based on two people sharing a sled unless otherwise stated.

Activity 2: Reindeer Farm Visit

For this visit you will be taken by car to a local reindeer farm, where you will meet with the reindeer herders as well as the reindeer themselves and learn about the importance of reindeer in Lapland. You will learn how to lasso a them and have a short ride in a sleigh pulled by the reindeer.




Activity 3: Snowmobile Safari

If you’ve never tried snowmobiling before then this tour is just for you as it is specially structured for beginners. First you will get familiar with the snowmobile, have full safety instructions and a driving lesson. Once everyone feels comfortable, you will head out for a small journey into the nearby surroundings and through the beautiful taiga forest.




Activity 4: Aurora Camp and pancakes

This unique evening activity takes you into the amazing surroundings of Muotka. You will be wrapped up and seated in a sledge that is pulled by the guide’s snowmobile, allowing you to enjoy the northern sky all the way to the camp site. At the camp you will find a hut and open fire to warm you up on a cold night of Aurora hunting. There will be tasty pancakes by the open fire and warm drinks to keep you toasty and cosy.

Out in the wilderness there is a minimum amount of light pollution, so it is perfect for viewing the Northern Lights that will hopefully show up in the sky.

Activity 5: Meet Santa

No visit to Lapland would be complete without a chance to meet the big man himself.  Experience a private meeting with Santa Claus in a top secret location deep in the forest which you will travel to by snowmobile! You will have some time to have a nice chat with Santa, and children will receive a small gift. 



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