A spot of lunch..

Last week Holly and I met with are friends Neil and Amin for a good old chin-wag on the ski industry and some lunch in the sun in Battersea.  Hols, Neil and Amin reminisced about their 24 hours ski race back in January which sounded such fun, though more the eating and drinking side, than the middle of the night chairlifts alone.  They are trying to rope me in to it next year….

Lunch was swift and Neil quickly marched us off to The Duke of Cambridge pub for the England-Slovenia game where we got into the swing of things with Neil’s England ‘Dragon Hat’  which he found in his ‘Supporters Cupboard’ at home!  Goodness knows what else he has in there!!!


What a shame the game on Sunday didn’t go quite as well for England…  Fish&Pips are now supporting Argentina!