A little bit of sunshine, then full steam ahead!

People often ask us what we do in the summer, thinking we close at the end of April and the partying starts, then we open on 1st December for 5 months of hard graft.  Sadly not and it is straight back to the grindstone at the beginning of May.   This is even more apparant this year with the introduction of our new Val d’Isere presense – 3 chalets run with the same F&P ethos – convenient yet delicious skiing moment from the centre of the Espace Killy.  Anyway, more details on that to follow.

In the meantime Holly did allow me to have a week’s holiday – and what a week it was!  If you are ever after a holiday that isn’t with Fish&Pips on the ski slopes, then sailing in the British Virgin Islands comes highly recommended!!!  Just a shame it didn’t last a little longer……