A little bit of exciting news…

For those that know me I am a very nosey person who likes to be in control!  So I couldn’t believe it when on Sunday morning, whilst staying with my parents, Jimmy came in to our bedroom, got down on one knee and ask me to marry him!  Not only had he asked my Dad without me knowing, he also produced a beautiful sapphire and diamond ring – how did he manage to sneak that by me?!

Jim had planned to ask me on Saturday, but as he sat chatting to my Granny (her giving him the ‘when are you going to get married, I hope you do it the right way round’ conversation) she revealed that it would be 71 years the next day since Grandpa (also called Jim) had proposed to her.  So the plan was delayed 24 hours which made me the happiest person alive, with Granny following swiftly after!

With me (Pips) as bride, and Hols (Fish) as maid of honour – we have a busy few months ahead of us!!!