A ditty from Salcombe

A ditty from Salcombe HQ:

The outlook in Salcombe is mostly cold, wet and grey,
Our BBQ’s put on hold for another day.
But there is hope of sunshine and glory
As we begin London’s Olympic story.

Whilst Seb Coe practices his rallying speeches
We’re busy with sales (when not on beaches).
We’re looking ahead to the next winter season
And write to you all with very good reason.

Weeks are getting filled and chalets booked
Have your winter plans been overlooked?
Whilst skiing isn’t a sport for the summertime
Babs can deal with your enquiries part-time.

She is also a serious fan of Salcombe Crab
And even runs a website that looks totally fab.
www.salcombefinest.com is where to buy online
For home delivered shellfish that tastes divine!*

Philippa continues to hold the purse-strings tightly,
As a new Mother she looks wonderfully sprightly.
Her son Ned is so gorgeous and giggling,
His current attempts to crawl look more like wriggling!

The team in Alderney are running a tight ship
With Holly at the helm and cracking the whip!
Fresh produce and real ale are the order of the day;
Visit The Georgian House for a jolly good stay.

But most importantly remember to come skiing
Because we have availability (for the time being).
The snow will fall and the sun will shine,
Book with us for the most wonderful time.

*Spend over £30 and use the code F&PJULY to get 10% off your order! (Valid until the end of July)

Babs in Salcombe

Babs x