Q&A on FeelViana

An Insight into FeelViana

Our European Expert Gemma travels to FeelViana every year to spend time with her family, enjoy the fantastic food and relax on the gorgeous beaches. We asked her to give us an insight into what makes this resort so special and why it may be perfect for you!


Established in 2017, FeelViana has already developed a reputation for finding the perfect balance between luxury, activity and relaxation. Scandinavian in looks and feel, it sits harmoniously with its protected surroundings, where guests can do as much or as little as they wish. Learn to surf; bike up the river Limia for lunch, or discover the historic Porto for a day.

So Gemma tell us, what makes FeelViana so great for adults and children?

We are quite an adventurous family when it comes to travelling and my husband can’t sit still.  We like being able to leave the hotel and explore local towns and other local beaches.  I love the fact that the children can have both the beach in the mornings to surf in the waves and fly their kites and the pools to sit by and in in the afternoons when I am in charge and my husband is playing with his rather large kite on the waves once the winds have picked up.  The kids can try new sports and the activities are really reasonable.  There are lots of kids at the hotel and they have some lovely dishes for them to try in the evenings – it is a small hotel so after their dinner they can roam around whilst you finish your dinner in peace.  Castello de Viana is close by so eating out and in the local restaurants is easy to do and affordable.  There is a lovely weekly market and plenty going on.

And what do you need to know when travelling here?

This is a hotel for people that like being active and although there is a small kids club it is not somewhere your children will want to be every morning.  They do activities with the children whilst you are out on the waves or in the spa but the big ones especially will find it quite limiting.  Its lovely to have a hire car to explore and it does get chilly in the evenings.

What must-do activities should visitors not miss?

It sounds silly but just take some time to hang out in the beach bar in the afternoons.  It is amazing watching all the kite surfers in the water – there can sometimes be 100 plus.  Hire a bike and cycle along the beaches and try the local octopus dishes…yum!

What is Feel Viana’s USP and what is it that makes you all go back each year?

Its USP is definitely Laid-back family travel with a sporty edge. It’s the vibe, the staff and the good value delicious food which brings us back each year. Everyone is happy!


Thanks Gemma! We hope this will help guests understand more about this fabulous property!


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