Why Visit Finland?


For several years Finland has consistently ranked first in the World Happiness report. An exceptional quality of life and enjoyment of the simple pleasures are just a few of the reasons why. You can even take a masterclass in Finnish happiness.





Untamed nature

The country has one of the world’s largest archipelagos, numbering around 6,500 islands; vast areas of pristine wilderness, much of it covered in pine forest and you’ll find one of the most spectacular lake districts you can imagine.





Northern lights and midnight sun

Finland is a year round destination. Spring and autumn are the best times to marvel at the Aurora Borealis; there’s skiing and husky sledding in the winter, and during the summer months when the sun doesn’t set, there’s hiking and foraging. And it’s always sauna season!






Small is definitely beautiful. A capital you can easily walk around, Helsinki has an enviable balance between nature and urban. Sitting on the Baltic Sea, it mixes large green spaces, cool Scandi architecture and has some of the region’s top restaurants.





Father Christmas

Tucked away in Korvatunturi, a fell in Lapland, you’ll find a certain workshop and reindeer. Look closely, and you may see some elves.









Finland aims to be carbon neutral by 2035, with eco-friendly travel high on the agenda. The country also strives to respect local and indigenous cultures – the Sámi people having lived here for thousands of years.