Who said the season was over?


Last week things were looking a little dodgy on the snow front across the Alps.  Thankfully we had Meribel’s fantastic snow cannons to keep our slopes going and with such a huge ski area there’s always something out there that’s more than skiable.  The run down to the chalets, the Lapin, was one of the best runs around last week keeping the snow really well as it doesn’t bake in the sun or have hundreds of people using it to get down at the end of the day.  I’m sure our guests will agree that there can’t be many runs home that are better than this!

No matter how good the up-keep of pistes are here in Meribel, it’s also nice to have some of the fresh stuff.  Just as people were beginning to lose hope, two days ago it tipped down and we’ve had more than a foot at the top.  And, as I look up at the office velux window I can’t see the sky because of the snow.  It’s set to thump down with snow all night and tomorrow, and blue skies on Thursday.  I shan’t be in the office on Thursday Philippa, sorry!  I should imagine most of Meribel has a huge grin on their face, we do at F&P!