Tom’s blog

Tom Mayne worked for Fish and Pips in their debut season a couple of years ago.  Tom is now training to become a ski instructor and is looking forward to his winter in Verbier to complete his training.  Tom ‘s sense of humour will be thoroughly missed by the team this year in Meribel but we hope he comes to visit!

WOW, where do i start, what a season i had! It was my first European season, and the girls’ first season as employers. Having been hand picked from an extensive list of experienced and thoroughly professional potentials, I was honoured that I had been welcomed into this new and highly exclusive team. All I had to do now was shine!

After days of intensive manipulation under the guiding hands of Miss Eyles and Miss Fisher, we were ready for the first guests to arrive. The combination of extemely high standards, twinned with passionate staff made life so easy for me, enjoying week after week of happy guests!

The work place was one of the best I have experienced due mainly to the girls’ managerial approach, which suited me down to the ground – work hard, play hard.  Some might say I did one more than the other, but I still stand by the fact that I did play as well!

I like to think of myself as a very punctual, well organised and professional guy, but my love of skiing took hold of me! Like a highly addictive drug, flowing through my veins I had to have more and when I asked the girls whether I could have two weeks of mornings off in order to partake my ski instuctors exam, I was happily surprised that they allowed me to.  My gratitude is still to this day not properly conveyed, so thank you girls so much for that, I love you both.

After passing that exam I was back to work with more vigour then ever before, and quickly the plans of an end of season bbq emerged. After more and more nights out, more and more people being invited – mainly by the easily excited Holly Fisher, we soon had a bbq that would put Glastonbury to shame! Maybe it was the punch, maybe the altitude, or maybe it was because it had been such a successful, rewarding 6 months but I thought it was the best bbq I think I have ever had. ‘Fishstock Forever!’

I had so much fun working for them that I had to come back and do another season in Meribel, but this time I had been propelled into the position of fleet manager, which was a part time role and self-titled (!) but meant that I was in charge….or so I would like to think, of their new minibus.  I have now heard that they may be getting a chalet pet like a small dog or a hamster to keep that homely feel alive.

All the best girls and good luck without me! HA!