Summer with F&P – via Skype!

With communication like it is in this day and age, Holly and I might be geographically miles away – in fact the whole F&P team is pretty scattered at this time of year, but we meet every week in the ‘ether’ via Skype.  It is great to see Clare out in the Alps enjoying the gorgeous scenery (for anyone yet to visit in the summer, it really is beautiful), then there is Hils at her desk in Abinger, Surrey – tucking in to treats delivered from the cookery school kitchen, then Hols in Alderney – also being fed delicious treats from the Georgian House kitchen, and finally me, fending off a couple of rather over zealous toddlers, who like to see what Mummy is doing on her ‘compluter’!

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In fact it is very rare now that Holly and I are in the same place – she settled in the snowy Alps, or working away in Alderney in the summer, and then I’m down here in sunny Salcombe.  So we were so pleased to have team Chandler to stay as part of their annual ‘staycation’ working their way around the South West.  There was one rule to their trip… No work talk!  Instead we BBQed and made slightly charcoaled pizza’s in the clay oven, whizzed to Dartmouth for lunch by sea (Holly of course slid a menu into my bag for inspiration!), did a lot of trampolining and drank delicious grapefruit martinis as the sun went down.  If only a staycation lasted a bit longer!

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