Snow showers, marmite and a technicoloured dream coat!

14th November 2008

Light your fires and put the heating on – winter is here!  It has snowed again and the forecast is cold weather.  Great news for the snow cannons which will start pumping out snow day and night to get the pistes ready for opening on the 13th December.  We are hoping that the snowfall of the last few days, and that due next week will mean the lifts can open a little earlier so we get to stretch our legs before the first guests arrive – just to brush off the cobwebs!

Meanwhile in London F&P are frantically sorting, cleaning, folding, packing and saying farewell as D day (that is departure day) 21st November fast approaches.  The marmite, marmalade, PG tips, Christmas crackers to name but a few are packed in the back of the trusty Polo ready to be loaded into a van tomorrow for their journey to France.  Posing more of a logistical problem are the two giant bean bags for Chalet Corblettes that have arrived – quite how they are going to get into the Polo to be driven to the van (it is a very well thought out plan!) we are not yet sure, but where there is a will there is a way!

One of the best things about our job is the variety and the people we meet – we may be faced with the logistical bean bag car boot dilemma but last week we were at Joseph and his Technicoloured Dream coat courtesy of Matthew – a F&P regular.  Holly is debating getting a copy for her ski jacket for this winter…