Last week I went on a bit of an adventure… Seems to be a theme of the summer!  I went to do the Saulire Via Ferrata.  I have done these before, but not one on such an iconic peak.  Having looked up at Saulire for the best part of 5 years I had never thought it possible to get right to the very top!

Via Ferrata is an Italian invention, created during World War 1 to scale the peaks of the Dolomites at a quicker pace than enemy forces.  Literally meaning iron routes, the rungs and hand holds drilled into the rock face have become a popular summertime pursuit here in Savoie.  They vary hugely from tame routes around the side of a lake to ones taking you to the top of one of the most impressive peaks in the Three Valleys.  So much fun!!

Whilst I was up there it was a good opportunity to check out the new lift which is coming on nicely.  After 25 or so years La Société des 3 Vallées has decided it is time for a new Saulire lift.  The top section will be ready for this season 2011-2012 and the first stage will be completed for the start of the 2013 season.  It will take just 12 mintutes to get to the top once finished, a vast improvement on the 25 minutes it currently takes.  On the way down from the Via Ferrata we checked out the site of the new mid station and saw some of the pylons that will be holding us up in the air when the lift is complete.  Good news for our Fish and Pips Meribel guests – hopefully you can now squeeze an extra few runs in with all the time you save on the new lift!  Here are some photos of the adventures…

Clare  x