Mrs Hollocks homemade Elderflower cordial

I think I’m a country bumpkin at heart. I have decided to embrace Cornwall living and make the most of my new surroundings, so where better place to start than the Elderflowers in abundance around St Columb!


A good friend Emily swears by the Elderflower Cordial recipe that her family use and that has been passed on by a close and dear family friend, Mrs Hollocks.  With Elderflower being a favourite of mine we decided to give it a bash.  Emily picked the Elderflowers, I ordered the citric acid online (never knew this was quite so difficult to get your hands on, but now know it’s not only used for legal purposes!) and we got concocting.  We left our brew for 24hrs, strained it and then proudly bottled it up.  DELICIOUS! It’s been put to good use so far – cordial of course, numerous takes on elderflower cocktails, added to jams and coulis, my Mum even put it on her cereal.

Although Elderflower season is very nearly over, there might be a few flowers still out there going to waste, so try it for yourselves.  It’s so simple, satisfying and yummy.  Looking forward to the Elderflower Champagne next year….

Elderflower Cordial by Mrs Hollocks

Makes 3 litres

3.5 lbs Granulated sugar

2 Lemons

2.5 oz Citric acid

30 Elderflower heads

2.5 L Boiling water

Pick the Elderflower heads that are in full flower.  Shake off any bugs.

Put sugar in large bowl together with citric acid and cut the lemons in half the squeeze juice and add to sugar.  Put Elderflower heads on top then pour on the boiling water, stir until dissolved.

Leave for 24 hours.

Strain through muslin (a new J cloth or tea towel would do).

Pour into bottles.  Store in fridge for shorter term, if not freeze in plastic bottles.