Meribel comes to Alderney!

With a team comprising of many a Meribel face, Alderney certainly feels like home-from-home for most working at The Georgian this summer.

We have some of the F&P team from last winter (Kev, Rhys, Judy and Dan), our local Meribel Village bar manager from the LDV (Hamish), and three lovely ladies (Daisy, Jenny and Kate) from other renowned Meribel chalet companies.  Oh and we can’t forget Mr Marmalade himself! It’s kind of like Meribel but by the sea – it’s small, safe, friendly and everyone likes a good tipple – even Bring Your Sister made an appearance along with some toffee vodka! 

We have been completely spoilt with numerous visits from Alpine friends….

F&P repeatedly repeat guest and now dear friend, Matt Draper, came to support us for our opening in May and we soon had him in a Georgian House shirt helping on the restaurant floor!  As ever he was a star and unstoppable.  He has since returned but this time spending many a day on Braye beach with Philippa keeping her and bump company, and generally being a great source of entertainment! 

Gill and Michael Bunce were next.  They came over for 3 days or variable weather should we say!  Although they didn’t get to see Alderney at its best, they managed to escape busy London living giving them the chance to relax….until they got stuck at the airport for hours due to fog that is! Oops.

Team Ellis (Chalet Le Christophe family) from Dorking arrived for a few days in July – they got stuck-in to the laid-back Alderney way from the moment they landed with plenty of al fresco eating (in fact they ate every single meal outside other than the epic taster menu the chefs whipped up) and most of their time spent on the beautiful Saye beach. 

Bring Your Sisters and Joey rocked up mid-August having driven across France in their van and then taken the Lady Maris boat to Alderney from Cherbourg with all their equipment aboard!   They took Alderney by storm playing 3 gigs – two at The Georgian and one wedding.  They made our August and have themselves plenty more groupies.  Despite working them to the bone, they thoroughly enjoy their time on Alderney and have vowed to return next summer 🙂 

More Meribel Village friends and ex-F&Pers pitched up for BYS and Hamish’s birthday weekend.  Photographic evidence and the sore heads that came to work that weekend suggests they had a good time, but didn’t get to see them as they were out partying ’til the early hours!

Last but definitely not least…Rick and Lisa from (Chalet L’Ours owners)  tipped up late August for when the madness had subsided to enjoy a few days exploring the island by bike, relaxing, eating and of course drinking.

Thank you all who visited us this summer on the rock – it was always something to look forward to, great fun and made us feel loved!