Family Pips stay at Chalet du Guide

20th January 2012

It is tradition now that family Eyles/Pips take Chalet Du Guide for the second week in January.

The team don’t know what has hit them when they arrive – in theory they are a chalet host/chefs worst nightmare! Not only is ‘the boss’ staying with you, but along comes 10 others, a toddler, a pregnant sister, a newborn, a non-skier, 3-4 waifs and strays nightly, 3 unruly husbands with a penchant for the LDV yards of ale and toffee vodka, and a somewhat demanding group leader! But they are nothing of the sort and it’s like having family to stay. We miss you all, the baby cuddles, and the lots of laughter. We cannot wait to have you back again…although watch our Val d’Isere I think they might be coming your way next time year!

Ned with post-ski holiday exhaustion…


An ode to F&P by (Grand)mummy Eyles…

Here we all are back again
The last year we were only 10
This year we had young Ned you know
Joining us for his first trip to the snow
Chalet du Guide again cast its spell
And buckets of snow made it all just swell
Thank you Pete and Elena
You were both brill
To cope with us all required serious skill
Pete slaved through the day and into the night
For our four courses – what a delight!
Pumpkin soup; cheese fondue and even rabbit
Totally delicious just don’t tell Nick about it
We can’t believe its time to say goodbye
We’re going to miss the mountains and the blue sky
But don’t you fear
We’ll be back next year