Every cloud has a silver lining

Currently at Geneva airport – first leg of my exciting trip to Canada – and I’m DELAYED by 2 hours. Dragging round huge and heavy hand luggage stuffed full with ski boots (don’t want these most precious items to get lost en route), lap top, French books and rather large handbag!  Quite how I was allowed through I’ve no idea.  Managed to secure a chair and table in the food hall (of course) and have just spent a hefty 14 Euros on a small bottle of water, yoghurt and oops a little box of Sushi – that wasted all of 5 minutes.  Twiddling thumbs, scrolling through texts and writing lists is really frustrating when I just want to be back in London having takeaway curry (anyone would think I actually liked Asian food) with my friends tonight before the second leg of my trip tomorrow.  But…just discovered the Geneva airport gives you 1hr free Wifi! Wow something actually free in this world, there is a silver lining after all and marginally makes up for my v expensive canteen grub.  Plenty of work to be done – Philippa will be pleased as can now get those accounts she’s been waiting on!  Speaking of whom, she’s currently in the air and should be landing here Geneva any minute with Jimmy.  Typical, could have just handed her the car keys instead of leaving them on the car wheel, we like to live life on the edge at F&P.  Right, time to make the most of this free internet – going to research the Canon G10 camera online, it’s an essential piece of kit when heli-skiing, I’ll keep telling myself that anyway!