Why Visit Sweden?


On the west coast of Sweden, the Stockholm archipelago and the unspoilt Bohuslan coast near Gothenburg, you’ll find uninhabited islands, tiny fishing villages and deserted sandy beaches. Take a bike or explore on foot.


Off the beaten track

With such a vast unpopulated expanse of wilderness, the chances to go off grid are thrilling and varied.




The capital

Stockholm must be one of the world’s most photogenic cities. Built over 14 islands, with a stunning mix of gothic, neoclassical and modern architecture, it is packed with outstanding galleries, cool shops and first-class restaurants.



Indigenous culture – Sweden is home to one of Europe’s few remaining native people. The Sámi, in Swedish Lapland and the north of the country, have their own lifestyle and culture and traditions.



Midnight sun

Head for the far north for 24 hours of daylight. In Jokkmokk, in Swedish Lapland, just north of the Arctic Circle, you can see it for 32 days in a row – radiating a soft glow you’ll never forget.



The Swedes have exceptional style and taste, believing in form and function. This is abundantly evident in their architecture and interior design, from shops and cafés, to galleries and state of the art retreats.