Why Visit Barbados?

The weather

Blessed with year round tropical weather.





Delicious food, fresh seafood and tasty local flavours, from the street food to fine dining, Barbados will excite your taste buds.




The white sandy beaches here are pristine! There are around 60 beaches on Barbados, all sugar white. Some are better for lazing on and some perfect for snorkelling or watersports.



The People

We love Bajan people, they are helpful, good-witted, friendly with a welcoming spirit.




It’s adventurous with numerous caves and underground lakes to explore. The most famous is Harrison’s Cave; a network of caves, waterfalls, and stalagmites and stalacities. You can also play golf, polo, go on an island safari or a zip line!


Underwater life

Surrounded by beautiful coral reefs it is a wonderful spot for snorkelling and diving… expect to see plenty of sea turtles.



Rich history

A visit to the island’s capital Bridgetown is a must-do. It is a great spot for not only shopping and dining but admiring the electric mix of old and new. Don’t forget to visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site the Barbados Garrison.



It is known as the birthplace of rum.. need we say more…